Can't teach an old dog new tricks? We can!

Are you looking for a Qualified Dog Trainer in Poole?

Poole Dog Walking offer dog training seven days a week to meet your needs. We can help from young puppies first commands and recall, to addressing unwanted behaviours in older dogs in a calm and fun way!

Kate is qualified as a dog trainer with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers, a certifying body who promote positive reinforcement and train dogs in a calm and effective manner. Gone are the days of harsh training, we can get the results and the dog can enjoy their training session!

Kate runs private classes based upon your dogs needs, so you can get the most out of your session time. Sessions are an hour, which is divided up into segments to give the dog time to learn effectively without being overwhelmed or losing focus. Dog training is as much about training the owner to train the dog, as it is about training the dog, and this approach will ensure lasting results. Dogs change and learn new habits as they get older and experience different things, so even if it’s just a small issue, getting on top of it with some effective training can make all the difference. Call Kate and find out how to book in.


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