Have you got a new puppy in the family?

£15 for 30 minutes

If you have a new puppy at home and cannot give them the attention they require all hours of the working week, do not worry, we are here to help! We have an experienced team who know how to care for puppies of all breeds.

We pop around to feed the pup, let them outside to use the toilet, and have a 1:1 play in the garden or local walk. We love to play and train as it’s a crucial time in their development as they absorb everything that is going on around them. Having a puppy visit is a great opportunity to get ahead with their training.

Puppy visits are also a effective way of making sure your new addition doesn’t learn any negative behaviours such as chewing your favourite shoes or scratching your new sofa while you’re at work! We help them relax and enjoy their toys so they are less likely to feel anxious while you are away. £15 for 30 minutes focused play at home is money well spent when you consider the positive effect the interaction has on your puppie’s’ developing mind.

Once your dog is mature enough to mix well with the other dogs we’ll be happy to introduce them to our group walks! It’s a dogs life!

Which areas do we cover?

We offer our small dog walking service to customers located in Poole Town, Oakdale, Lower Parkstone, Lilliput, Ashley Cross, Hamworthy, Creekmoor, and Upton.

Give your doggy the gift of an adventure!


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