Terms of Contract

Welcome to the Poole Dog Walking team!

We hope you will enjoy walking dogs with us. Please see below the terms of our contract/agreement.

Poole Dog Walking is a premium walking service and our customers expect a high level of service. As a contract / self-employed walker, you are expected to work to the same high level of service. Please read thoroughly the points below that highlight a clear code of conduct and our expectations of yourself, and your work. Failure to meet these may result in the instant termination of the contract. Please sign both copies, one for us to keep and one for yourself. If you are unsure on any points, or have any questions please raise this with Kate.

  • Under no circumstance is it acceptable to pass your walking jobs to another person, in the case of not being able to complete the dog walk at the allocated time, you must inform Kate immediately. The safety of our dogs is of the greatest importance and because of this only you may complete the bookings assigned to you.
  • You must have adequate insurance covering you for public liability, pet taxi and dog walking. We recommend insurance for yourself in case of an accident if you cannot work but this is your decision.
  • Your car must have a valid MOT, insurance and be taxed (if applicable). Tyres, lights and brakes must be checked regularly. It must also be safe for dogs to travel in. There must be suitable seat belts for dogs, or preferably crates, in case of any sudden movement or a road traffic incident.
  • Please drive respectfully of other road users and with the safety of the dog in mind. Do not break the speed limit with a dog on board.
  • You must be punctual and well presented. Please wear your uniform while working. Please do not wear anything offensive or derogatory to others.
  • It is expected that you will wear suitable clothing to keep your warm in winter and boots to protect your feet and prevent slipping when running with dogs on all terrains.
  • You must carry a first aid kit suitable for treating dogs with minor injuries.
  • You must carry treats suitable for the dogs you are walking. Reward on recall frequently.
  • You must carry a bottle of water and bowl for the dogs and offer water at least once per walk, more in summer. We recommend you also have water for yourself.
  • You must carry toys/balls to play with the dogs as this keeps their focus.
  • All dogs must have a collar with ID tag and a suitable leash. These should be returned to the home at the end of the walk. If lost you must inform the owner of the circumstances and agree to resolve however necessary.
  • Use a whistle to keep the dogs recalling to you frequently. Dogs should not be allowed to roam off leash without supervision. If you are not confident in the dogs recall, keep them on leash.
  • New dogs to a group, or walker must be on leash for at least 30 minutes, if not an entire walk to get to know each other until confident they will stay with you.
  • Any dogs showing signs of ill health cannot be walked. If concerned please call the dog owner and Kate. If needed take to the vets. Make an electronic note and take a photo of the dog or situation for records.
  • If a dog becomes unwell during or at the end of a walk please call the dog owner and Kate. If needed take to the vets. Make an electronic note and take a photo of the dog or situation for records.
  • Please be aware of dogs around your dog or group. Aggressive dogs or high-energy dogs can cause stress to other dogs. It is important that the dogs in your care are safe at all times.
  • If you witness a dog attack please gather information and take photos if able for records. Please report to Kate who will contact the dog warden. If a dog is harmed, assist in taking it to the closest vets immediately.
  • Please take a well-lit photo of the dogs (ideally without the sun in the background) to send to Kate who will pass it to the owner. Owners love to see what their dog is doing and where they are walked, and at what time.
  • If you become injured during a walk please make a note and look after yourself and the dogs appropriately. If unable to get the dogs back home, please call Kate.
  • Dog walks have allocated time frames and length of time. Please respect this. Do not change any group bookings as dogs are matched on suitability.
  • At the end of the walk, the dog’s paws must be cleaned before going into the home. Please also ensure your feet are clean, or remove boots at the door.
  • If a dog has toileted in the home before your arrival please clean this up and let Kate know if becomes regular as the dog may be stressed or have a problem.
  • Please ensure that homes are locked properly and keys remain on the key chain. Any lost keys must be replaced and owners informed as could pose a security risk. Your insurance may cover this.
  • If weather conditions are unsafe (thunder and lightning or extreme winds) please do not put the dogs at risk. Look at the forecast ahead and if conditions become unsuitable postpone or stop the walk and make a record.
  • We ask for at least 2 weeks notice of termination of your contract in order for us to contract another walker to continue with the care of the dogs.
  • Any periods of absence should be noted with Kate in advance so that cover can be arranged.
  • If you are unwell, please let Kate know immediately if you cannot fulfill your walking duties.
  • Payment for work carried out will be made upon receiving a complete invoice, on a weekly cycle. Payments are made either to a UK bank or PayPal account.
  • Please do not collect any money from properties; dog owners will pay Kate directly.
  • Please be available during walks via phone in case of emergency or contact from Kate.

By submitting this form I confirm that I have read and understand the terms of this contract. I understand that the care of the dogs is paramount and I will act in a way that promotes their health and happiness. I declare that I have adequate insurance in case of any incident while walking dogs that covers both members of the public, and the dogs in my care.

Terms of Contract

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